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On Sept 22, 2017, I will be closing the company.

I want to thank you for your support, kinky fantasies and mostly sharing your life with myself and the ladies here.
If you have any questions, please include your FULL name when sending your email as I will ONLY be responding to known clients. Email Customer Support
Please note, that I will be out of the country on a well deserved vacation and wont be able to return emails until after Oct 12, 2017. Once again, Thank YOU! It's been a wild 10 years! xo

I'm an interracial cuck slut because I'm a little white girl, and nothing gets me hotter than the thought of fucking black men. Their big hands, dark skin, and HUGE black dicks in my tight pink pussy make me hornier than my white hubby ever could! How much would you give to become an interracial cuckold to a thick-dicked black man? It's true what they say; once your wife tries a black cock, you'll be left behind to watch and clean up.
I'm a slut. I can't help it. Thankfully, my husband is excited by me fucking around as much as I am, so I can satisfy my need for sex in any way I can possibly imagine. In order to keep his nasty cheating wife pleased with him, my husband is at my beck and call for anything I could want; ordering me new sex toys, even interviewing new guys for me to fuck while he's away! He knows he can't touch himself, let alone touch me, until I am good and ready for him to do so, so he lives vicariously through all of my sexual adventures. I am the slut wife to the horny cuckold who will be straining at the door tonight to hear me screaming your name!
Being a cuckold wife myself, I fully embrace the cuckold fantasy from both perspectives; yours, as well as mine. We can roleplay cuckold humiliation scenarios with me as your wife in all sorts of degrading scenes, or we can just share stories and wishes with one another. Rest assured that your secret is safe with me; I want you coming back to talk with me more, both because I know how much you need it and because it turns me on so much to discuss it. Come share with me the needs and desires that you can only dream of fulfilling with your wife; you need cuckold advice phone sex, because only someone who has been there can truly understand.
My older husband is happy to be his trophy wife's cuckold because it's such an honor for him to be married to a gorgeous woman like me. He loves to see how men get hard just by watching me walk by; it makes him so proud to know that his wife could fuck absolutely anyone that I want...so, naturally, I take as many lovers as I can. Being a trophy wife is the perfect arrangement for me; I get to play with all the big cock that I could possibly desire and my husband takes care of everything, even the messy creampie cleanup!
There's room for three in the cuckold palace: me, my lover, and my cuckold boyfriend. Whether you're the cuck boy or the sexy man between my legs, I'm the hot girlfriend you've been dreaming of! You know what I'm talking about: the gorgeous girl who will do absolutely anything for cock. I'm the one who will let you tell your buddies all of your filthy stories about the things I do because I know how much it turns them on to hear it; just don't be surprised if you come home to find them in bed with me!
$2.25 min 30/$60
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My husband's white cock just can't satisfy me, so I turn to fun with other interracial couples to satiate my need for good sex. I'd rather have my white girlfriend's strap-on than his pale prick, but what an ebony goddess like me really craves is black dick! I am living proof that no woman can resist a thick black cock; I thought my white husband would be enough, but there is no comparison to what my black lovers can do for me. White boys have nothing for me; give me sweet white pussy and rock hard black cock or nothing at all!
My husband has always been far too gentle for a mature submissive like me, so I have turned to a sadistic Master to find satisfaction. Both my husband and by Master love seeing me degraded and tormented, and nothing excites me more than the knowledge that both my cuckold husband and I are completely helpless to the wishes of my Superior. Have you ever fantasized about your wife being abused by the dominant man you only wish you could be, or do you dream of torturing that mature wife that you've seen around, knowing that she, like me, is stuck in a marriage with a wimpy man? I love BDSM roleplay because it makes me accept my place as a groveling submissive, but it makes my husband even more pathetic. A lucky wife is one whose husband helps her pick out the flavor of the month. My hubby is a voyeur cuckold who loves hearing about the men I fuck, and now I have become a total exhibitionist! He used to just listen in on my phone sex calls, but now he sits by and watches while I suck and am fucked by all kinds of men. Would you like to be my lover who uses me over the phone while my hubby listens, or pretend to be my husband while I divulge all of my dirty extra-marital secrets? If you are as much of a voyeur as my hubby, I can only imagine what we might get ourselves into!
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